Current USDA Complaint & Past AWA Violations

On April 2, 2015, the international animal advocacy organization In Defense of Animals filed a complaint with USDA citing probable violation of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) by Buttonwood Park Zoo. IDA called for an independent investigation.


At the heart of the issue is AWA Part III, Subpart F, Section 3.133, Separation which states:


Animals housed in the same primary enclosure must be compatible. Animals shall not be housed near animals that interfere with their health or cause them discomfort. (Emphasis added).


It is not discretionary--Ruth must be relocated.


The zoo has not prevented the many attacks by Emily against Ruth. Keeping Ruth here now under these circumstances is simply inhumane.

USDA Complaint by IDA
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2014 USDA Direct Violation of the Animal Welfare Act
This time the USDA got it right. They cited Buttonwood Park Zoo for a direct violation of the AWA for neglecting to protect her from the elements.
USDA C-1-2-14 Violation.pdf
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2014 USDA Citation and Fine for AWA Direct Violation
Nine months later, USDA fined Buttonwood Park Zoo for failing to protect Ruth from the elements. A paltry $777, but at least they were held accountable.
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2013 USDA Inspection--Research laboratory AWA Violations
One month after this third violation notice, the laboratory closed. The research lab was out of compliance with the AWA for 3 out of 4 years that it operated. The zoo's veterinarian, who opened the laboratory, left six months later, just two weeks after Ruth was found out in the blizzard on January 3, 2014.
AC-26 Buttonwood R 5-2-13.pdf
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2011 USDA Inspection AWA Violations
This three page inspection found numerous violations--including dangerous conditions for seals, otters and domestic animals. The fence enclosure for the bear was leaning and "propped up" by boards.
AC-26 Buttonwood C 5-20-11.pdf
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2011 USDA Inspection Research Laboratory AWA Violations
AC-26 Buttonwood R 6-16-10.pdf
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2010 USDA Inspection AWA Violations
This routine inspection found outdated veterinarian supplies and an unsanitary condition of the refrigerator where zoo animal food was stored. While these may seem small issues, the USDA inspector didn't think so.
AC-26 Buttonwood C 6-16-10.pdf
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2010 USDA inspection--Research Laboratory AWA Violations
Second consecutive year that the zoo's research laboratory was cited by USDA for AWA violations.
AC-26 Buttonwood R 6-16-10.pdf
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2009 USDA Inspection--Research laboratory
This is the only year that that research laboratory didn't have a violation. That's because it was just starting up.
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