Please watch this video to learn why Buttonwood Park Zoo should #RetireRuthNOW! It tells the many health and safety issues Ruth has faced in her 29 years at the zoo.

Here are a few videos that show what Ruth's day-to-day life is like at Buttonwood Park Zoo. There are plenty more dating back two years and photos going back four years on our FB page Send Ruth & Emily To The Elephant Sanctuary. Or visit our YouTube channel Ruth BPZoo elephant.

To see the Zoo's idea of a good time for Ruth, watch this video taken Spring 2015. Not really the same as being at the Sanctuary.

Ruth at Buttonwood Park Zoo
Ruth on a pile of dirt. Video taken by Buttonwood Park Zoological staff, posted to the Buttonwood Park Zoo's facebook page, a city-owned social media site.
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In order to drink, Ruth must throw her paralyzed trunk up on the concrete water tank, take in water, then drag it back and swing her trunk at her mouth. Every day, every drink of water. Taken at Buttonwood Park Zoo, February 5, 2012.

Ruth can't keep a hose in her mouth, as Emily can. Instead, the zoo staff set the hose down and she drinks from it. Ruth hangs around outside of the barn while it's being cleaned out. Taken in July 2014.

Ruth's paralyzed trunk means she must lift food up and throw it at her mouth. Taken at Buttonwood Park Zoo on January 20, 2015.