Please Donate!

Last year, because we were concerned about Ruth's health, we ran a  GoFundMe Get-A-Vet campaign* to get an experienced elephant veterinarian to see her. We had limited success, but were able to raise enough to secure records, including radiographs, and bring an experienced veterinarian to do a site visit. Unfortunately, the zoo refused to allow the vet to examine Ruth or even go into the barn.


However, we used those records to secure a letter of support from a sanctuary veterinarian.


We can wait no longer for the City administration to come around to a humane decision for both elephants. We are now raising funds for legal representation to pursue action against the city of New Bedford to rescue both elephants.


Please make a tax-exempt donation to our Legal Fund for Ruth & Emily so we can get them the justice they deserve!


No minimum, and all donations are 100% tax-exempt! We recently became a 501(c)(3), so your donations are now tax deductible.


* The Get-A-Vet campaign is now closed. Thank you for your donations, and thank you for being a Friend!